Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Like Duh Get On It

Lets Talk. Hello to all the new readers.
sorry i hav'nt been on i had the flu. smh.
but this is not bout me. my Chica Dellz has a blog.
So welcome her to this wonderful World of Bloggin.

Check her Out.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


at first i was'nt down for it then my freind made me one.
nd since thn i been hook it'sd like a f-ing drug well its not that
bad i still very private but it's hella funny looking at what ppl
do on a daily so just click the pretty link please nd lets chat.
----> <------- nd if yu got a twitter let me know...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yu Welcome.

i never seem to amaze myself any more the shit that i do or the shit i say no longer surprise me. i just dnt give a lot or granted. dnt get me wrong i keep my gates up . im a lil nervous tho i might let sumone thur nd ima be back to square on but lifes bout takin chances so ima jus take a leap of faith nd see where it leads me..... on another note im gettin sick im thinkin bout goin to the docs cause how im feelin who knows.... i'll be back lata on.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

((Whoa))Gettin Personal...(a LIL)

Hii........Um i was just sleep so im kinda off it a lil
(lol) hey everybody has there days.
Nd i thought to myself maybe yu should let those lovely bloggers
know a lil bout yu..UM we have a BIG problem tho i'm
a very private person hmmmmm... i tend to sugar-coat alot of my feeling nd my personality on a daily.

i know yu probably wanna stop readin since yu think im phony but wait im not im just very protective of my heart jus me personally nd rite now i at a in between state so its kinda boarder-line privacy...

well whateva ima let yu get piece by piece of this lovely Lady....

First of all...Name: Cherei (Pronounced Sha-Ray)
18 1/2 yrs of age
Birthday is November 14 (Yea Babeee Scorpio)
Favo Color: PURPLE
Favo Food: Chicken
Status:Single;( (LOL i'm trying )
Soon to Be College-Kid
Born In the Big Apple
Want More?????????? Let Me Know I'll Try and keep a open mind (hopefully).
Song Being Played At The Moment Of The Post:Neyo"Nobody"

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Konnfession of Opposite Sex (Ooopss)

oh wow yu should have know i was comin with this one.....
imean im not doggin the opposite sex im just bringing up sum
of the bullshyt ya speak of nd ya maybe sayin the same bout us female...
TRUST i know i have Brothers nd im the only girl... so cut the shyt be real wit
me lets have a chat. take a seat this may be a while....

okay so why do yu belive yu must lie to presevre sum ladies feelin imean sum would respect yu more if yu kept it 100... not sayin ya all lie imean ma Boo Jay said it the best "Women Lie.Men Lie Money Don't"

nxt subject why is it that yu play the girls yu know got to be ya ride or die for the chick that would leave yu wit a drop of a dime imean do yu live the thrill of it.....
nd not all females are golddiggers i know mad females dat get oney cause they work dey asses off doin dat 9-5 unlike sum other nd by no means am i doggin anybody just sum thoughts that have been botherin me

PART 2 Soon To Come Ma Hands Are Tired LMAO............

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fotos Update

umm my way of showin off me and my lil therapy when im stress out ....... im still tryin to figure out why im single lmao nah not really its a choice..Cherei.dAMNX

Takin Me for Granted.....

Am i yet again doing this repeating myself, what kind of bull is this????
i keep going back on my words for yu nd yet again i play myself or betta yet yu play wit me
again i ask who older??? i want to start over but then again i startin to think
not with yu ... but its like yu have sum hold on me...

i mean why should i feel this way then if i said any thing yu say sum shyt like"i didn't tell yu to fall for me.wrd i got that type of affect ha ha ha" oooooo sum times yu make me wanna slap all ya damn taste buds a mouth
yu to confident in me not leaving ya side like yu run shyt maybe
for a while i allow yu to but fuck that now
i guess I'm sayin this is almost turnin into a pink slip for yu
homeboy i finally realize that i would hurt yu more with out scream or crying or just playin ya game

nd jus leave yu alone nd see how fast yu fall not to be mean yu are truly ma heart i adore the good times we have....but then again it feels like bad times is starting to creep up on us...

I'm tried of sayin the same stuff every day to myself when so many tell me what i can not see betta yet what i choose to believe i mean what yu want me to do???? yu dnt have to answer that i'll answer it or yu.... either way i forgive yu but i would respect yu more if yu keep it 100....


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh Snap A Update ...

.okay so this is my update wit pics...... lol anyways im still lookin for a job since i move bac home to the big apple with few lew luck but its all gud i know im bound to find sumthing soon.(SO YEA!!!! TO ME)anyways im going to start lookin for a college i wanna go to for the next two years then off to ma dream skool for another 4 years of my life (yes im lookin for a career lol not a job)as of rite now im single but also balancin meeting new guys and stickin wit ma ex/Bestie Hunn'e wow lets see how that works out lol ima keep ya post for now on cause i relize ya dnt judge my decision. As of rite now listenin to ma itunes while preparing to go chill wit this boi i met he cool we talk for like a hour last night (lets keep our fingaz cross on this one lmao)but yea hangin with him ma best friend/cuz is here at ma house bout to kick it wit her nd hopeful take ova the world(Evil Laugh)Ha Ha Ha ..... My Moood Is Happy/ Content ...Here's my pics tho i look different i guess oh yea My BIRTHDAY COMIN UP NXT MONTH (YES BIG 19) i thought i share that cause i love ma big nd ima stated that all the way till my b day come... okay here yu go...

Monday, October 5, 2009

i Miss My.......

So I'm back for good this time i thought i could run from my feelings not speak bout them just keep them to myself. but i realize that not good nor is it safe i wonder why i go Thur the things i do i try and blame some ppl around me but then again i never really look at me as the one to blame. i just want to be happy of course at times i make my on happiness but then other times I'm alone and sad and i like to keep to keep things to myself but then i love to give advice but i hate criticism ain't that crazy. I'm so backwards that i move forward and i don't even realize.

Currently listening to Fabolous-"I Miss My Love"

I'll be Back with a Update nd Pictures Very Soon (Like Tomorrow)

My Lifes Lessons

Ahh, who wanna bet us that we don't touch leathers
Stack cheddars forever, live treacherous all the et ceteras
To the death of us, me and my confidants, we shine
You feel the ambiance, y'all niggaz just rhyme
By the ounce dough accumulates like snow
We don't just shine, we illuminate the whole show; you feel me?"-Jay Z (Dead President)Reasonable Doubt {June 25, 1996}<