Sunday, June 27, 2010

Short Hatitus .... Im Happy Tho.=) Be Back Soon...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Walking Thur CLOUDS

Sooo. Im SICK. x___X Nooooo!!!!
Nd Its So Fckin NICE in Nyc. Oh Well Im Enjoying My Time Alone....=D
Cause Im Plottin On Some Shit. (Ha Ha Ha) Evil Laugh<-- LOSER THOUGH.
Any Who i Realized My Blog Feels So DAMN Depressin.. Ahhh Man Time to Change That. Listenin To Some Calmin Music Slighty. Nap In A Few???... So Much Funny Ish Is Happenin Right Bout Now. Usually I Would Have Cryed Bout 4 Times Already.. But im As Cool As Can Be. No TEARS!!!! Yay Me... Can't Wait For JULY!!!!!!!!!! Some BIG Plans For That. Ima Just Go With The Flow Nd Take Heads While Im Going. Im On a Hatius From Facebook.. Nd Any Other Social Site.. For A Sec... The Only Thing Ima Be On Is My BLOG Yay!!!!!!!! That Means More POST. Whoooa Bytches. LML.=D I Think It The Meds Talkin... Ima Add New Pics Up Soon. Ohhh Yea Got A JOB...=D Well See How This Goes. Tryna Get Better Right Now So CHOW.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not Enough WORDS To Much To Understand

im such a fckin good person... but damn why do i continue to get hurt. i would go thur fire for certain ppl in my life.... but the question is would they do the same for me... damn i feel myself dyin i just havnt told anyone.... i feel like im screamin but everybody actin deaf.... sometimes i feel so alone and at times i need a hug. but i guess to others i dnt deserve either... i HATE feeling like my best wasnt good enough. when all yu did was show me your worst... man fck this im done!

My Lifes Lessons

Ahh, who wanna bet us that we don't touch leathers
Stack cheddars forever, live treacherous all the et ceteras
To the death of us, me and my confidants, we shine
You feel the ambiance, y'all niggaz just rhyme
By the ounce dough accumulates like snow
We don't just shine, we illuminate the whole show; you feel me?"-Jay Z (Dead President)Reasonable Doubt {June 25, 1996}<